Tibetan White Lotus Incense by Mandala Arts & Incense
Photo of Tibetan White Lotus Incense by Mandala Arts & Incense

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Description From the Manufacturer
Tibetan White Lotus Incense from Mandala Art and Incense Nepal comes 30 sticks per pack and they are packed in a handmade paper tube.  There is also an incense burner included in the package.  According to the manufacturer,"Tibetan White Lotus Incense stimulates the kundalini energy that lies coiled in the base of the spine like a sleeping serpent.  (The energy) can be awakened and brightened through yogic disciplines and meditations.  Lotus is also considered a medicine for aiding concentration..."  This incense has a very sweet and flowery aroma.  It is a beautiful incense that will refresh and uplift.
    • 30 sticks of incense per package
    • Each incense stick burns for 60 minutes
    • Incense burner included
    • Handmade in Nepal

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