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Indian Incense is made by traditional methods of handrolling resins, gums and powders onto a bamboo stick.   There are also charcoal incenses or "blank" incense sticks dipped in perfumes and essential oils The scents are exotic and captivating.  Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa is the best known Indian incense.  Others are HEM brand, Goloka and India Temple Incense.
Anand Incense Auromere Incense Auroshikha Incense
Incense manufactured by Anand, India.  Anand Ganesh and Anand Flora.
Auromere Incense, made by Sri Aurobindo Ashram.  Ashram Incense, Flowers and Spice and Ayurvedic incenses.
Auroshikha Incenses made by Sri Aurobindo Ashrams in Pondicherry, India.  Many aromas such as Rose, Amber and Agarwood
Balaji Incense Goloka Incense HEM Incense
Balaji is a well-respected brand of incense.  Of all of the incenses that Balaji makes, the Nadal Oodh is our favorite.
Goloka incense made by the Goloka Seva Trust includes Goloka Nag Champa, Goloka Patchouli, Goloka Chandan,..
HEM incense, made by HEM India.
India Temple Incense Indian Ashrams Incense Nag Champa
Song of India, India Temple Incense made by R. Expo, India.  The incense comes in sticks and cones and we also carry body oils and soaps.
Incense by Indian Ashrams, in 15 gram and 100 gram boxes.
Shop by Scent: Nag Champa
Prabhuji's Gifts (Ramakrishnananda Incense) Satya Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa
Prabhuji's Gifts (formerly Ramakrishnananda) creates masala type stick incenses and natural resin incenses.
Incense by Satya including Aastha, Leeladhar, Creamy Musk and Strawberry
Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa incense is well-known and loved around the world.  It is a sweet musky incense with some vanilla overtones.  Champa flower is blended with other aromas to create this recognizable scent.
Satya Super Hit Shankar Perfumery Works Shanthimalai Red Nag Champa
Super Hit incense, soaps, incense cones and body oils, by Satya, makers of world famous Nag Champa
Suvarna Dhara and Suvarna Mudra, natural flora Bathi created by Shankar Perfumery Works, India.
Shanthimalai Red Nag Champa by Shanthimalai Trust.  15 gram, 40 gram, 40 gram long and 100 gram.
Shroff Incense Sree Gajanana Perfumery Works The Mother's India Fragrances
Shroff incense, created by Shroff, India and packaged by Incense Works. These cellophane wrapped incenses are a real treat, made from very old recipies. Amber 707, Amber Rose and Green Durbar are our favorites.
Vaishnavi Flora and Spiritual Flora, made by Sree Gajanana Perfumery Works.  Buy 15 grams or 180 grams.
The Mother's India Incense
Triloka Incense Tulasi Vijayshree
Triloka's premium incenses, created from natural flowers, herbs, resins and woods.  10 sticks per package and each stick burns 35-45 minutes.
Tulasi Brand incense, which includes Krishna Dhoop, Masala incense and the Soulmate Series
Vijayshree Incense Dhoop Exotic Indian Incenses
Incense from Vijayshree Fragrance of India: Golden Nag Champa, Golden Nag Darshan, Golden Nag Forest and Golden Nag Meditation
Laxmi Dhoop, Mysore Chandan  Dhoop, HEM Dhoop, Panchavati and others!
Exotic Indian Incenses such as Meena Supreme!
Meera Cones Padmini Incense Satya Incense
Meera cones by Meera incense.  16 Cones to a box.  Various Scents.
Padmini Incense, Spiritual Guide and Chandan Dhoop
Assorted Satya incenses including Satya Aastha and Satya Royal. They come in various sizes and each has that genuine Satya touch.
Sri Rama Benzoin & Perfumery Works Sunandaraja Agarbathi
Lakshmi Yoga Brand Sandalwood by Sri Rama Benzoin and Perfumery.  Four packs of 25 grams of incense, for a total of 100 grams.
Sunandaraja incense.  Approximately eleven short sticks of wonderful incense.