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Japanese Incense makers are steeped in tradition and understanding of the incense making process. Japanese incense has played various parts in Japanese society including the part of a time piece. Minutes were measured in the time it took certain incenses to burn. These are traditionally stickless incenses and come with a special burner to put the small, sticks of pure incense into. If you haven't tried Japanese incense, you are in for a treat

Mainichi Koh Morning Star 200 stick Incense Morning Star 50 stick Incense
Mainichi-Koh long stick, 300 stick bulk pack, regular rolls & Kyara (Aloeswood)
Morning Star incense by Nippon Kodo.  200 stick bulk pack and each comes with its own burner.
Morning Star Incense by Nippon Kodo.  Many scents to choose from including sandalwood, yuzu, lotus, musk, lavender, patchouli and more!
Nippon Kodo Incense
Specialty Nippon Kodo Incense for your enjoyment.  Gift packs and precious incenses used for special occasions.