Goloka Incense Bundle Dragon's Blood, White Sage and Palo Santo

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This is a special bundle of three Goloka Incenses, each in a package of 15 grams. Each stick is approximately 1 gram so there are approximately 45 sticks in total. For protection: Dragon's Blood. For cleansing and purifying: Palo Santo and White Sage. *Dragon's Blood is a sweet, slightly spicy resin and Goloka has put it into a sandalwood base. *White Sage has a earthy, citrus quality to it and Goloka did well in capturing that. It is not like any other White Sage Incense that we have smelled. *Palo Santo is woody with hints of smoke and leather. According to the manufacturer, "...has an exotic wood note that has tar-like phenolic traits, importing smoke, tarmac notes." *Phenolic smells sweet and tarry at the same time.* *Non-Toxic*Environmentally Friendly*No Child Labor *Benefits the Goloka Seva Trust