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Balaji Nadal Oodh (Agarwood) 50 Grams


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Balaji Nadal Oodh (Oud, Agarwood) incense comes in a 50 gram packet. The Oodh scent is authentic and rich. Perfect for the Oodh lover!

Oodh is also known as Oud and Agarwood. The Japanese call it Jinko or "sinking wood" because it is heavy. Oodh is formed in the heartwood of a specific type of Asian Evergreen when it is infected by a specific mold. The tree produces a dark colored resin in response to the infection and Oodh is born. The primary tree that produces Oodh is listed as a tree that could be endangered. Some countries have created Oodh plantations in which the Oodh is harvested from trees grown for that purpose.

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