Aastha Incense by Satya 250 gram

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Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, makers of world famous Nag Champa and Super Hit, brings you another fine offering in Satya Aastha Incense. This is Authentic Satya Aastha "The Trust" stick incense, 250 gram.    This Satya Aastha Incense is a lovely scent which is sweet with vanilla overtones and a bit of spice-just a hint.  It is very floral and brings to mind joy and happiness. 

Violet and Company Incense is proud to offer this Aastha incense in a 250 gram pack.  One gram is usually equal to one incense stick.  One stick of Aastha incense burns up to 30 minutes.  The 250 gram pack is made up of (25) 10 gram packages, bundled into a larger box.

To enjoy, light the tip of the incense stick and blow out the flame once the tip glows red.  Place the incense in an appropriate incense burner.  Please keep away from all combustible materials while burning.