Spiritual Sky Scented Oil-Strawberry

Spiritual Sky
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Spiritual Sky Scented Oil-Strawberry scent. 1/4 fluid ounce, manufactured by the same people who bring you Gonesh incense!
This scented oil is concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It can be used for environmental scenting, as a perfume or added to the bath. Strawberry scent is fruity but not too much!
Suggested uses from the manufacturer:

* Make your own sachets, candle scents and potpourris
* Sprinkle a few drops on your car's carpet to keep it smelling fresh and clean
* Decorate your home with fragrance. A few drops in any room or closet will turn your home into a delightful "Scented Garden"
* Put a drop or two into your wash load or use on drawer liners.