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The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur E. Waite


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This is a reprint of the book that was originally published by Arthur Edward Waite, occultist and member of the Golden Dawn.  This book looks at the imagery of the Waite-Smith (Rider-Waite) Tarot and expounds on the meanings of the images in the Tarot cards.  A useful tool for all levels of card reader.

Each image or part of the card was placed there by the illustrator (Pamela Coleman Smith) and this book allows the reader to explore the cards and their meanings.

According to the publisher, U.S. Games Systems Inc., "The book is broken into three parts: "The Veil and Its Symbols" which provides a history of the tarot along with traditional symbols associated with each card; "The Doctrine of the Veil" comprising 78 black and white images of the Rider-Waite deck along with regular and reversed meanings; and "The Outer Methods of the Oracles" which discusses the art of tarot divination, including the now famous Celtic Cross Spread. "

Soft cover
340 pages
Black and White Illustrations