Disconnected from Social Media

Posted by Violet and Company on Oct 10, 2021

Disconnected from Social Media

After much consideration, Violet and Company has disconnected from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.  

These forms of interaction and communication appear to be contrary to my fundamental belief system about the way 

that life should be lived. Life is better slow, savored, with thoughts, ideas and creativity coming from the individual, 

not from the collective mind of social media.  It seems that social media has become about control-we are fed news, 

feelings, thoughts, marketing and consumerism without even knowing it most of the time.  I watched people talk 

about incense, music, food, adventure, instead of just experiencing those things on my own, and I got 

tired of it.

Anyway, Violet and Company Incense is very much up and running, going strong, just not 

participating in the social media  side of life.  I kept the Violet and Company YouTube channel, hoping to put out 

incense reviews and DIY videos, and the Wordpress blog, hoping to blog about incense and the like.  If you want 

to contact me, please email sales@violetandcompany.com or call 707-832-9736