Great Summertime Incenses

Posted by Violet and Company on Aug 01, 2021

Great Summertime Incenses

Have you ever wondered which incenses are best for summer?  Maybe you are someone who can appreciate a cinnamon apple or pumpkin spice incense all year round.  Sometimes though, with high heat and humidity, a lighter note is needed for home fragrance.

Generally fruity incenses such as Lemon, Strawberry or Peach incenses pair well with sunny days and humid, warm outside temperatures.  Another idea is to use herbal incenses, such as HEM Balmint, Auroshikha Vetivert or HEM Aloe Vera.  Other ideas are Morning Star Yuzu, Morning Star Green Tea, any of the HEM Strawberry Incenses, Auroshikha Green Apple, Auroshikha Basilic (Basil), Auroshikha Almond and Auroshikha Raindrops. 


The best times to burn incense in the summer is early in the morning to scent your surroundings before it gets too hot, and late in the evening after the sun has gone down.  

As always, be sure to ventilate well when burning incenses, burn your incenses in a safe vessel and keep incenses away from fabrics and curtains.  Most of all, enjoy!

Auroshikha Raindrops Incense 10 grams